Idris Ho is an artist from Hong Kong. Idris loves doing arts with a pure mind although she engages in different art fields including film, photography, illustration, and design. However, Idris has solid experiences in film industry and TV commercial industry for over a decade. She was involved in different departments, such as directing, producing, art direction, cinematography, post-production, etc. Idris gained valuable experience by working with different filming crew over the world, like the USA, UK, France, China, Taiwan, Japan and so on. Since she wanted to explore more of herself in recent years, she decided to study a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Cinema Production program at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and completed in 2017-19. The two-year full paid scholarship for the MFA program she received and graduation with distinction became a great encouragement for her. Moreover, the experience of conducting PaR (Practice-as-Research) in this MFA program made her move on more than she had expected. In the end, the dissertation for the research was presented through a film Consciously Unconscious. The time of the completion of this PaR is indeed a beginning thence extension of another research of her.
As mentioned above, after graduation at the HKAPA, Idris completed a Master of Arts in Philosophy program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019-2021. Focus on arts and creativity philosophically and analytically in these two years of study, Idris gained more understanding of the mind and creativity. Meanwhile, knowledges of different articulations from other perspectives influence her and helping for the further development of her PaR.
Nonetheless, Idris became a qualified Philosophical Practitioner from the Hong Kong Philosophical Practitioners Association in 2021. As a Philosophical Practitioner, Idris could provide a specialized counselling service with her unique art-sensory philosophically. In the meantime, leading people to confront and locate daily issues through philosophical photography workshop become one of her significant projects. On one hand, this kind of workshop could help others to relief under stressful conditions for a better life. On the other hand, the workshop become the extension of PaR which would bring her for further exploration in terms of art and philosophy.
Finally yet importantly, Idris always believe lifelong learning would serve to enrich human lives.
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